This is not a photo!!

It’s the winner of the Blender Guru Photorealism CompetitionJosé Rozúa.

Top stuff :)

This may be the greatest game trailer I’ve ever seen. How they managed to pull off photorealism in such complex scenarios I’ll never know.

Hats off.

Although the new CoD seems to a follow a pretty predictable format, it looks amazing.

Plus, it’s set in Seoul where I live, and it’s pretty accurate! I recognize the bus stations in Gangnam at 4:15. Used to live 2 mins from there :P

Game of Thrones Season 4 VFX Breakdown.

I’m seriously impressed with the amount of vfx that’s gone into a TV show. Some top notch matte painting and compositing.

I guess that’s why every episode feels like a movie.

Sci-fi Soldier, created by Nikita Kuzmichev using ZBrush and 3ds Max.

Morning Fog, created by Leticia Reinaldo using Maya, ZBrush, Mudbox and VRay.